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Piano Appraisal

Appraisals fall into three categories; fair market value, insurance and CRA (charitable) donation. Each appraisal comes with a detailed report about your piano and ready for your needs.

Piano Appraisal & Estimates: How Much is Your Piano Worth?

If you need a piano appraisal, Pacey’s Pianos will provide detailed information you can trust. Our experience? Generations as the leading piano retailer in Vancouver

What Kind of Piano Appraisal Do I Need?

Appraisals fall into three categories: Fair Market Value, Insurance, and CRA charitable donation.

Fair Market Value

The most popular form of appraisal is Fair Market Value. This values the piano at resale price in normal market conditions.

Did You Know?

1. Regular Piano Tunings Can Prevent Serious Damage: Pianos are complex instruments. If one part of your piano performs sub-par, then the overall quality of the instrument suffers. Bad tuning can be a symptom of another problem, and out-of-tune strings can be indicators that you are in need of an overall tune-up.


2. Your In-Home Piano Tuner Will Inform You of Problems: Some issues are undetectable by players, so having a qualified professional looking around inside your piano on a regular basis can prevent small problems becoming major concerns. Our Piano Tuners are trained to handle any and all piano maintenance.


3. The More You Tune, The Less You Have To: Regular piano tunings help strengthen your piano. After a few regular tunings, you will notice that the pitch doesn’t stray as easily or as often as it did before. Ideally, you should have four tunings per year.


4. Regular Piano Tunings Save You Money: If your piano goes two or more years without a professional tuning, it may require corrective treatments, which will be added cost to your bill.

What Do Manufacturers Say About Piano Tuning?

Steinway & Sons

“… no matter how expertly a piano is tuned, atmospheric variations and the nature of the piano’s construction constantly conspire to bring it off pitch.”



“… A piano should be tuned at least twice a year.”


“Complete piano service should include periodic regulation and voicing in addition to tuning…”


Baldwin Piano Company


“After the first year, a piano should be tuned at least twice each year thereafter…”

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