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Rent a Piano from Pacey’s Pianos and Ease the Financial Commitment!


Pacey’s Pianos has always been dedicated to providing quality to music enthusiasts and lovers of all ages.

We want our customers to able to learn and play in the comfort of their own home without the financial pressures, which is why Pacey’s Pianos offers a comprehensive piano rental program.

Rentals are Simple and Convenient. It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

  • Find the piano you love;
  • Sign-up for any 12 month rental plan – all you pay for is the first month’s rent, moving and tuning. There are no deposits or securities involved;
  • And at the end of the 12 months, you can put all of the rental money toward the purchase of the piano or any upgrade in the Pacey’s Piano store. Or if you prefer, keep renting or return the piano with no further obligation.

Renting is simple, convenient and right for any budget. We guarantee Pacey’s Piano will have the right rental program for you.


Why Rent A Piano?

  • You can try the instrument before you buy! This is especially useful for new players and those not sure if they will continue to play the piano. Once the rental period is complete, there are no further commitments or obligations.
  • The rental payments go toward purchase! If you decide that you want to buy the piano you are renting, we put the first 12 months of payments towards the purchase price of the piano.
  • You can put the payments towards a different piano. If you decide that you want to purchase a higher grade piano than the one you are currently renting, we will still apply the first 12 months of rental fees toward the purchase price.
  • You can upgrade whenever you like. If you, the player, outgrow the piano, you can always upgrade to a more sophisticated piano to better suit your needs and skills.
  • Rent to Own is the easy and affordable choice. We want you to get the most from your investment at Pacey’s Pianos, which is why you can put your initial 12 months of rental payments towards the purchase of your piano.
  • Upgrade your piano and still save! When purchasing an upgraded piano, you can still use the rental payments towards its cost. We value all our customers, so if this is your second piano you are buying from us, please ask about a range of discount options we have available.


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