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Piano Maintenance

We all need attention from time to time, and so does your piano. Pacey’s Pianos will keep your piano healthy, and well-cared for!


To maintain a healthy piano, it must be regularly maintained. At the heart of piano maintenance is piano tuning. Changes in humidity and temperature, and movement of strings will all adversely affect a piano. Aa a rule of thumb, tunings should be done often enough to hold pitch between A439 and A441, the optimum tuning for a piano. Depending upon your humidity control and the condition of your instrument, you will need between one to four tunings per year. Minor repairs and adjustments can be made at the same time. Our technicians are expertly trained with over 25 years of experience, and provide a thorough examination during every tuning.

Your piano should be immaculately cleaned, the action regulated, and the hammers reshaped and voiced approximately every three years.